What to do if you are being sued?
If you are being sued by a creditor or other party, the most important first step is to file a
response to the lawsuit. Typically, this response must be written and provided to the court
within 30 days after you are served.

You may
contact our office for assistance with certain civil limited matters (usually where the
amount you are being sued for is less than $25,000). Please contact our office to see if we
are able to assist you in responding to your lawsuit.

Please note: Our office CANNOT provide any type of legal advice, if you require legal advice or
assistance in forming a defense to the lawsuit which has been brought against you then
please contact the
Fresno County Bar Association attorney referral service.

Attorney Referral and Information Service of the Fresno County Bar Association
    1221 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 300
    Fresno, CA 93721-1720
    Phone: (559)-264-0137
    FAX: (559)-264-8726
    Web site: www.fresnocountybar.org  
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