The main way to change your name is by filing a Petition for a Change of Name. If you are
getting divorced and want to change your name to your maiden name, you can usually do
that in your divorce case.

The typical fee for a name change request is $350 (subject to change); however, you may
qualify for a fee waiver based upon income levels or due to your participation in certain public
assistance programs. See the fee waiver section for more information.

In addition to the court fee, you will have to pay to publish your petition for the change of
name in a newspaper. Publishing the name change in a local newspaper is required in most
name change cases.

After you file your Petition for Change of Name, you will get a court date between 6 and 12
weeks away. If your paperwork is correct and you followed all the required steps, the court
will give you a court order changing your name within a few days after that. If the court is
extremely busy, it may take longer.

The process of changing the name for an adult is different than that of changing the name of
a minor. Make sure you follow the appropriate steps based upon the age of the person for
whom you are filing the name change request.
Petition for Change of Name
(Change of Name)
Attachment to Petition for
Change of Name
Supplemental Attachment to
Petition for Change of Name
(Declaration of Guardian)
Order to Show Cause for Change
of Name (Change of Name)
Decree Changing Name (Change
of Name of Minor by Guardian)
Civil Case Cover Sheet
The fee for filing a request for a change of name is $350 per person, however you may
qualify for a partial or full fee waiver (see section of fee waivers for more information).
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and Civil Advisory
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Click here for the steps to change the name of a child with only ONE parent.
click here for the steps to change the name of a child with BOTH parents
Click here for the spets to change YOUR name.
Name Change
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